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October 16, 2022


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A lot of marketers think digital media is only about gaining more followers or tracking higher impressions. But impressions cannot be deposited at the bank! Digital Ads affect the bottom line; yup, that number at the bottom of your company’s income statement. So for us to really evaluate ads’ effects, we’ve got to talk sales and introduce you to ROAS.

What’s ROAS?

Return on Ad Spend is a metric measuring how much revenue has been generated from every riyal spent (or dollar) on a specific campaign. ROAS allows marketers to measure the efficacy of an ad campaign. Better than number of followers, ey? 😉

Let’s do the math:

Say you spent SR 10,000 on an advertising campaign on Google Ads and Snapchat ads. From this campaign, you attributed SR 45,000 of revenue to the ads. This means you have an ROAS of 4.5.

Is that good? Making money is always good! But every industry within a specific market has its own averages. Now more than ever, performance marketing, where marketers optimize their ads to achieve KPIs, is needed.

For instance, the e-commerce industry is projected to surpass $13bn by 2025. This growth will be accompanied by many marketing activities with different objectives, which need to be measured and tracked accurately. Below are a few ROAS oriented campaigns that we did for our clients.

Unique flower shop in Jeddah
Valentine campaign 2022 600% ROAS
A premium mattress store chain in the US
Blended ROAS average 600%, while some campaigns reach up to 1200%
Autism center for children in Madinah
Ramadan Donation Campaign 350% ROAS
Is it that easy to track campaign effectiveness?

Yes! With the right team, your campaign can be thoroughly tracked and measured. Our expert team will implement the right tracking tools and codes to have quality-reliable data and reports.

Simply put

Your goal should be spending money to make money! This can be done if you plan your digital campaign well and ensure the proper tracking with the right team.

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