Afia – Nuts & Spices Campaign




Influencer Marketing


Afia offers a range of products including cooking oils, vegetable ghee, and margarine, and is available in several countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Kuwait. The brand emphasizes quality and healthy eating, and uses advanced technologies in its production processes to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

Nuts & Spices

We worked with Afia in promoting their new range of Nuts & Spices through lifestyle,young mothers and chef influencers who have a creative touch and high engagement on their content. The influencers created recipes and visited the supermarket to showcase the unique displays of Afia products and its variety.


- Increase brand top of mind.
- Increase social media engagement.
- Highlight the wide range of products and increase awareness.


The Mega influencer selected are chefs who had niche target audience, high views and great quality in video production. The campaign focused on multiple collaborations with the same influencer to increase top of mind and build integrity between the influencer and their audience.

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