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Costa Coffee is a popular coffeehouse chain in Saudi Arabia and throughout the world. The chain was first established in London in 1971 and has since expanded to over 3,400 stores in 31 countries. In Saudi Arabia, Costa Coffee has a strong presence with numerous locations across the country, including in major cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.

The Wave Is Here

We collaborated with Costa Coffee to create an experience based campaign to convey the message that Costa has now reopened in Saudi Arabia under Alghanim industries and more specifically to take the influencers on a fun bus trip to discover the new costa coffee locations in Jeddah.


- Increase awareness on the reopening of Costa in Jeddah under Alghanim.
- Increase footfall in Costa.
- Enhance brand image.


Proposing micro & macro influencers who are friends on social media and create a very fun vibe together throughout all their interactions and build an image that costa is the go to place for a fun and casual hang out with friends.

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