Jeddah Historic District


Marketing As A Service


Jeddah Historical District Company is dedicated to the renovation and preservation of the iconic "Albalad," the historic town of Jeddah. With a focus on revitalizing the rich heritage and architectural beauty of the area, the company is committed to safeguarding the cultural legacy and promoting tourism in this significant part of Jeddah.

Project Context

JHD is currently building and developing their marketing department, while handling all current needed marketing & comms activities. Red Bananas is working with the client’s team as a one coherent unit in developing and operating the department.

Strategic Path:

- Develop the department’s processes and structure
- Develop the marcom manuals and guidelines
- Develop the communication strategy for the program
- Set the department and its employees’ objectives and KPIs

Marcom Activities:

- Manage the program’s social media presence
- Plan & execute the program’s external marcom campaigns
- Develop the program’s internal communication content
- Oversee other communication projects (e.g: website development, events participation, etc..)

External Communication

Internal Communication

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