JHD – Saudi Tourism Forum 2023


Brand Activation


Jeddah Historical District Company is dedicated to the renovation and preservation of the iconic "Albalad," the historic town of Jeddah. With a focus on revitalizing the rich heritage and architectural beauty of the area, the company is committed to safeguarding the cultural legacy and promoting tourism in this significant part of Jeddah.

About The Event

Jeddah Historical District Company showcased its commitment to preserving cultural heritage and promoting tourism at the 2023 Saudi Tourism Forum. With an engaging booth and dedicated hospitality, they highlighted their efforts in revitalizing the historic Al Balad area, contributing to the forum discussions and fostering connections within the tourism industry to further enhance Saudi Arabia's travel sector.

Our Role In A Nutshell

1. Concept Creation.
2. Design The Customer Experience.
3. Creative Adaptation.
4. Visitor Journey.
5. Antique Management.
6. Production & Setup.
7. Operation Plan.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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