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Influencer Marketing


Jotun is one of the world's leading paints and coatings manufacturers, combining the best quality with constant innovation and creativity.

Jotasheild Nouvo

Jotun developed a campaign for Jotasheild Nouvo product launch through influencers across Saudi Arabia.


-Create social media hype on Jotun’s billboards.
-Create awareness on product features and benefits.
-Highlight the effectiveness of the product by applying it in influencer homes.


We curated a proposal recommending Mega and Micro influencers that were between the age of 25 & 40 including young mothers and lifestyle influencers that have a trustworthy relationship with their audience and achieve high awareness and hype during all campaign phases. The campaign consisted of 3 phases (Teaser, Revealer and paint application or store visit).

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