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The Red Sea International Film Festival is a film festival launched in 2019 and held in Jeddah, western Saudi Arabia. The festival mainly focuses on new storytelling trends, as well as emerging talents from Saudi Arabia, the Arab world and the rest of the Global South.

About The Event

The Red Sea Film Festival's "Cinema Alhara" was a captivating outdoor cinematic experience held in the historic neighborhood of Albalad. Celebrating the rich heritage of the area, the event immersed audiences in a unique blend of film and history, offering an enchanting atmosphere where cinema enthusiasts could enjoy screenings of carefully curated films within the charming surroundings of Albalad, creating a memorable fusion of storytelling and cultural appreciation.

Our Role In A Nutshell

1. Bringing in Sponsors.
2. Technical & Operational Support.
3. On-site Management.
4. Providing an Audio Visual System.
5. Crowd Management.
6. Building Stages.
7. Social Media Management & Branding Creation.


Multiple Site Execution Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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