Rua al Madinah – SND Campaign


Digital Media


Roya Al-Madina Holding Company is one of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) companies, and is concerned with modern urban planning and comprehensive development projects that enrich the experience of the residents and visitors of Medina by developing an integrated system that meets the needs of the residents and visitors of Medina, which contributes to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Campaign Goals

- Brand Awareness
- Video Views

Campaign Approach

The setup started with reach and views objective on 3 platforms YouTube, Linkedin and Twitter, We successfully spent 95K in 3 days and completed our goals.
We got significant change in average CPM for SND 2023 campaign by utilizing our build custom audience and detailed targeting strategy We succeed to decrease the average CPMs by 825% with scaling on new channels and optimize the the running ads for winning events and actions. This way we optimize our spending to reach more to our target audience and scaling the CTR will significantly impacts the business goals.

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