TEAA – Hajj Expo 2023




Brand Activation


TEAA is a Saudi Arabian company that organizes and manages the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina for Muslims from Turkey, Europe, America, and Australia. It provides a range of services to pilgrims, including transportation, accommodation, food, medical care, and religious and cultural programs. The company is committed to providing pilgrims with a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience.

About The Event

TEAA, a leading provider of pilgrimage services in Makkah, made a remarkable presence at the Hajj expo. With a captivating booth design and organized participation, TEAA showcased their expertise in delivering exceptional pilgrimage experiences. Through engaging discussions and networking opportunities, they highlighted their commitment to offering high-quality services and fostering innovation in the realm of religious travel.

Our Role In A Nutshell

1. Concept Creation.
2. Booth Building.
3. Creative Adaptation.
4. Visitor Journey.
5. Crowd Management.
6. Production, Setup & Dismantle.
7. Operation Plan.
8. Client Support.


SuperDome Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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