TRITA – Grand Opening Ceremony


Brand Activation


The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts is an independent governmental entity, chaired on an honorary basis by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

About The Event

The Royal Institute for Traditional Arts' grand opening was a momentous occasion, marked by elegance and cultural significance. We orchestrated a flawless event, featuring a splendid dinner that delighted esteemed guests. The evening celebrated the institute's commitment to preserving traditional arts, fostering creativity, and serving as a distinguished hub for artistic excellence.

Our Role In A Nutshell

1. Planning & Executing.
2. Technical & Operational Support.
3. Creative Adaptation.
4. Media Coverage.
5. Goodie Bag for Attendees.
6. Production, Setup & Dismantle.
7. Guest Hospitality & Dinner.
8. Live Entertainment.


TRITA Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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